Campbell Munro Ltd

Bespoke Service

Our Bespoke Portfolios are designed for clients who require individually tailored portfolios. We are experts in investment and wealth management and all initial advice offered to our clients is based on a full assessment of personal circumstances. We consider the investment objectives and risk profile of every client on an individual basis before providing any direction or advice.

Bespoke Portfolios are perfect for those wishing to benefit from asset allocations that suit their personal preferences and needs. Bespoke Portfolios offer access to a wider range of diversification including Investment Trusts where superior returns are evidenced by historical data.

We construct a personal plan using professional financial planning software to ensure that the client is on course to achieve their financial objectives. The Bespoke Portfolio service includes an annual income tax review and completion of the client’s tax returns as well as inheritance tax planning and a will service.

Features of Bespoke Portfolios

  • Risk-rated fund selections and asset allocations regularly reviewed by the Investment Committee
  • Include Investment Trusts to benefit from superior returns
  • Personal financial planning to ensure that you are on course to meet your financial objectives
  • Highly diversified portfolios
  • Individually designed portfolios to suit your risk preference


  • Bespoke Investment Portfolio including Investment Trusts, Unit Trusts and ETFs matched to your agreed risk-rated asset allocation
  • Minimum of an annual review with your Financial Adviser
  • Regular access to your Campbell Munro financial team
  • Online access to your investment portfolio
  • Annual Attitude to risk profiling
  • Annual cash flow forecasting service
  • Complimentary annual GIA and ISA transfers
  • Access to the Campbell Munro family proposition
  • Annual income tax review service
  • Annual review of ISA, Pension and Capital Gains Tax allowances
  • Inheritance tax and Will review
  • Ongoing fee of 1% on all managed investments
  • Discounteed initial charges for new investments - in a marketplace where initial fees of 3% are routinely charged