Campbell Munro Ltd

Model Portfolio

At Campbell Munro we ensure that all initial advice offered to clients is based on a full assessment of personal circumstances. We offer a streamlined Model Portfolio approach whereby our clients are invited to invest in risk-rated Model Portfolios selected by the Investment Committee. These types of portfolio are designed and developed by the investment professionals at Campbell Munro and include a variety of asset allocation models to select from. All Model Portfolios are reviewed and rebalanced on a half-yearly basis to ensure that the client’s asset allocations remain within prescribed risk ratings.

Returns from our Model Portfolios are maximised through minimising costs to the client. They most commonly consist on Unit Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds which also incorporate low-cost tracker funds where appropriate. Many of our clients who seek the Model Portfolio approach are typically looking to invest more modest sums at earlier points in their life or careers.

At Campbell Munro we pride ourselves on our high quality client relations and excellent services as a wealth management company. We seek to provide the best experience for our clients and work hard to ensure that their assets are handled correctly, concisely and within their prescribed risk rating at all times.

Features of the Model Portfolio

  • Risk-rated portfolios and asset allocations
  • Low-cost tracker funds incorporated to aid returns through minimising costs
  • Highly diversified portfolios
  • A variety of asset allocation models to select from, with half-yearly rebalancing to ensure clients stay within their prescribed risk rating
  • Focus on natural income-producing investments to aid total returns and provide cashflow to you


  • Model Portfolio consisting of Unit Trusts and ETFs 
  • Half-yearly rebalancing of portfolios to risk-agreed asset allocation
  • An annual review with your Financial Adviser
  • An annual review of your ISA, Pension and other tax allowances
  • Twice-yearly portfolio valuations
  • Online access to your investment portfolio where accessible
  • Annual Attitude to Risk profiling
  • Ongoing fee of 0.5% on all managed investments
  • Initial charge for advice and administration of 1% of the funds invested