Campbell Munro Ltd

Our Investment Philosophy

Campbell Munro’s investment management philosophy is to invest for the long term, focussing on investments with a proven history of delivering a growing income. We wholeheartedly believe that the growth in income from an investment is a more reliable indicator of future above-average returns than immediate yield - substantial empirical evidence exists to support this philosophy.

We work to provide a bespoke service tailored to each client’s personal circumstances and long term financial and lifestyle objectives. In our efforts to understand our clients and their particular circumstances, we determine individual investment goals and align our recommendations to these goals. We provide all of our clients with solid financial advice based on investment funds that demonstrate a growing and sustainable income.

Our Investment Committee and research team regularly review the funds available with a clear track record of past income distributions and the ability to maintain and grow these in the future. The portfolios we recommend also include capital growth funds, but the extent of these depends on the client’s income needs and risk profile.

Working with Campbell Munro

Campbell Munro is your best choice for financial services – we always consider every option, making sure that we work closely with our clients all the way. Our highly qualified experts will balance potential risks with potential returns, supported by an experienced and well-resourced team of financial researchers.

Our large range of investment portfolio options means we can tailor our services to meet every client’s individual needs. At Campbell Munro we ensure all advice offered is based on a full assessment of personal circumstances in order to give every client a clear picture of how their assets should be handled. We work hard to fully understand your investment needs and work with you to plan your investments for the future.